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The dictionary defines Inspection as “Careful Investigation; Critical Examination”; However, not every overhead crane system inspection is the same…

Some inspection companies define an inspection as “walking around your shop floor, performing an operational test of your overhead crane system and then giving you a piece of paper showing that your system has been inspected”.

There are a few things missing from their inspection!

  • They do not go up in the air where the equipment is
  • They do not remove covers to inspect brakes and limit switches
  • They do not check lubrication levels or operating mechanisms
  • They do not check structural components
  • They do not check bolted and welded connections
  • They do not check safety features

At Ballinphellic Engineering Company, “inspection” is more than a word. Our Inspection Program covers every operating mechanism, all wear items, safety features, structural components, bolted and welded connections and code compliance. Our inspectors remove component covers to inspect brake operation and adjustment, hoist limit switch function and proper lubrication of all gearboxes, wire rope and load chain.

When our inspections are completed, you will receive a detailed report. You can be assured that you will have a thorough understanding of the condition of your equipment from the perspective of safety, compliance and reliability.

The real value of an inspection is increased safety, reduced liability exposure and an awareness of maintenance issues that could contribute to unplanned shutdowns.

We believe a thorough inspection is a basic requirement for protecting your employees, your investment and your production line.

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